2004-08-21 || 83 super fun craps about me.
83 super-fun facts about myself that you shouldn't know: [Updated: June 03, 2005]

01. All 3 of my names are cities. "Braden"ton, Flordia//Greer, South Carolina//And haha like I'd tell you my last name..It's in New Mexico though.

02. I have 4 pairs of symmetrical moles.

03. My family is so normal it scares me.

04. And when I say "normal" I mean FUCKING NUTS. (But in a good way.)

05. I'm about to graduate from highschool!

06. I feel naked if I leave the house without my jewelry.

07. I have a current fascination for getting my nose pierced.

08. I own 4 digital cameras.

09. I love wearing random teeshirts with words on them no one else understands but maybe 2 people.

10. I lovelovelove milk.

11. I drink a gallon every two days.

12. (In regards to 11) I'm just short of 5'11, and I've never broken a bone.

13. I wished I would break my leg one time when I was in the 5th grade just so people could sign my cast.

14. I refuse to wear gold. It's fug. End of story.

15. I've only gotten flowers from someone once in my life. On my 16th birthday my friends Amber and Rachel bought me yellow roses.

16. I loooove yellow roses.

17. I like to write my school notes with crayons.

18. My eyes are green with brown around the pupils...And I used to wear blue contacts. But then I realized that was stupid.

19. Once, when I was 9, a blood vessel in my nose busted and I had to go to the hospital. They stuck some crap up there and had to tape the end of the string which was attached to the crap to my face for 2 days. Then I had to go get a shot which was 7 inches long shoved up my nostril.

20. I classify myself as VERY preppy. But I love my red converse. And I'll wear them with little preppy dresses.

21. I drive a 95' Jeep Cherokee. And I love her.

22. I have the worst 'current' memory ever. Like, if you say something to me, I'll probably forget in like, a second. But I can remember details from 10 years ago.

23. This is my favorite number. My birthday is June 23rd.

24. My hair is ugly, so I like to spice it up with creamy peanut butter highlights. My aunt yells at me on a daily basis for doing so, because I'm apparently a "natural beauty who doesn't need anything done to any part about me." She's a compulsive liar so I tend not to believe her.

25. I hate school.

26. I'm addicted to the computer.

27. I really want to go to UCLA for college..But seeing that I didnt apply to UCLA, I'll be attending Radford in the fall.

28. We have 2 pups. They are really hairy and smell bad.

29. My sister and I shorten every word we can. (Remote control=Ruh.)

30. I was a cheerleader for 4 years, played basketball for 2, lacrosse for 2, and softball for 6. I'm not athetic at all, and I feel horrible about making my family come to my games.

31. My friend Kara is an EMT, and I visit her every week no matter what I'm doing. I love rescue squad.

32. I've never really done anything "bad." My mom makes up the stupidist punishments. I.E.-Once she made me ride the bus for a week. Another includes me not being able to have milk for 3 days.

33. I couldn't live without gum.

34. I believe in trying everything at least once.

35. But don't tell my parents that. Ha.

36. I have the fastest metobolism in the history of ever. (Knock on wood.)

37. I wish those skittle commercials were real. Who doesn't want a rain of skittles!?

38. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I were a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her.

39. Except change the taller to "I like my height," and the girl to a "boy."

40. I can't spell.

41. I'm addicted to E-bay. And I never not visit it without looking at the vintage teeshirts.

42. I looooove sushi.

43. I need to get 3rd holes in my ears.

44. I wish I were British.

45. I cannot drink and walk at the same time.

46. Everytime I hear Norah Jones' "Sunrise," I walk really slow. (If I'm walking.)

47. I'm newly single. And I hate it.

48. I love southern California.

49. I am hopelessly in love with reality television.

50. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate beans. Except green beans. Yumyum.

51. I still talk to my elementary school best friend. She lives down the road..She's the biggest dumbass I've ever met.

52. I'm a moderate when it comes to politics. I absolutly love talking about them. And I'll fucking fight you againist any side you're for.

53. I love Bill Clinton though. His book 'My Life' was simply amazing.

54. We wish Tom Hanks would run for presidency. And Dave Chappelle would be V.P.

55. My sister, Dad and I are the grossest people ever.

56. We talk about poo and pee and all sorts of other nasty ass things. All the time.

57. My mom has to leave the dinner table almost every night because we gross her out so bad.

58. I will live in London one day. I just decided.

59. I have more shoes than any 17 year old girl should own in her lifetime.

60. I work 3 jobs. Shoe store, I umpire, and work at an athletic club. I forgot what it's like to have a life.

61. I don't like being alone.

62. I've never used the expression "LOL" when i'm IMing people. It's soooo 13 year old girl.

63. I'm scared of the trampoline.

64. I capitolize random letters that don't need capitolizing.

65. I wish I were left handed. Lefties are just so cool.

66. I've never had braces.

67. I could probably drink my body wieght in sweetened tea.

68. I WILL see every baseball team in the national and american league play before I die. So far I've seen the Anaheim Angels, NY Yankees, Oakland A's, and the Boston Red Sox.

69. I love southern accents.

70. I refused to ever read any Harry Potter book, but then I had to for school, and dear god that shit is GOOD!

71. I hatehatehate school dances. But love getting dressed up.

72. I really want a hug right now.

73. I love writing 4's.

74. I am attracted to guys who.are:
-6 feet or taller.
-Aren't afraid to wear pink.
-Have really short/buzzed hair (Dirty blonde or really dark brown)
-Have earrings.
-Wear long-sleeved collared shirts with the sleeves rolled up. (Mmmm.)
-Wear nice shoes.
-Have nice teeth.
-Wear colonge.
-Actually has a life outside of me.
-Let me pay sometimes.
-Is intelligent.
-Can teach me things.
-Would go on a random roadtrip at like 2am with me.
-2 words..Bear hugs.
-Have a sarcastic/smartass sense of humor.
-I could have a fun time with no matter where we are.

75. I hate babies (except for my nephew) and children that are younger than let's say...17.

76. I also hate girls. (A large majority of them.)

77. My perfect CD would consist of songs from the most random artists who in no way are alike at all. (Foo Fighters, Steve Miller, OKGo, The Verve, Norah Jones, Coldplay, Jay-Z, The Who, Collective Soul, Incubus, Linkin Park, George Micheal, Ralph Stanley, and the Charlie Daniels Band.)

78. In past years I've picked up how to play the piano, violin, clarinet and guitar. I'm terrible at all of them and I still can't read music notes.

79. And my favorite song in the entire world is "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. It's just my song, ok?

80. I've been in love before. Let's just not talk about it.

82. Every guy I've ever "really" liked has been left handed, and driven stick.

83. 83 seems like a very good number to stop it. So I will. And I love you all.

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